Our feet carry us for a lifetime, on average about 100,000 miles… That’s a lot of steps! Falling into the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ category our feet are usually the least cared for part of our body. In addition to wearing correctly fitting footwear, try these fun games - they’ll help keep your little one’s feet happy and healthy as they grow.

1. Marble Madness… See how many marbles you can pick up with your toes and drop into a container in one minute. I promise it’s harder than you think and, if you’re as co-ordinated as I am, the children will win more often than not!

2. Ar-toe-stic challenge… Create a list of random objects on a piece of paper, rip them up and pop them in a pot. Randomly select a piece of paper and draw the object… using your feet of course!

3. Silly string Outline a wiggly pattern with a long piece of string and try to walk from one end to the other. You may not be up on a tightrope but believe me, it feel like it!