September 2019 With a fantastic back to school season, we really have to say a massive thank you to all our customers for

choosing to shop with an independent! It really makes a massive difference to us so thank you once again. This month’s

blog post will be written by Della, Enjoy!

Fitting children with differing needs

This month has seen a lot of children referred to us from Autism Inclusive and Pebble SEND support, and we are so proud that these amazing organisations

(that I have relied on personally for help with support for my own children) have referred people our way. We have spent a long time making sure that we can

create a calm environment that we can adjust to meet the needs of lots of children. Be it turning the music off, the flashing lights in the window off or simply

playing their favourite song as they are fitted. We can take as long as you need to make sure that they feel at home with us, so you don’t have to feel rushed

or pressured. Of late we have been having children just pop in and say hello before their fittings to introduce them to the environment, watch what happens

when other children have their feet measured and to meet our team here. We are always looking for ideas on what more we can do for children who need

that little bit more time and space for their fittings, as the saying goes, “If you meet one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism”, so I know

what works for my two boys with ASD but that may not be what works for your little one. If you want to chat to us about any of this or arrange a fitting for

your little one we available on the phone (01270761717) or via email at