I am the proud owner of Ollie & Phee.

Being a mum of two I understand just how important it is to ensure little feet are firstly measured correctly, and secondly fitted into correctly fitting shoes. It is for this reason that I invested in the only professional shoe fitting qualification with 'The Society of Shoe Fitters' to ensure that all the staff who worked at Goody 2 Shoes were fully trained and knowledgeable in shoe fitting.

I worked in the food manufacturing industry for 12 years, jet setting around the world, making sure the food you eat was being produced safely! After my first child I then decided to have a change, and went into secondary education teaching. It was here that my love of working with children happened. 

With the birth of my second child, I needed something which fitted better into family life. So here I am, still working with fantastic children, and focusing not on the mind, but on the x2 components which will carry them throughout their entire life!




Ros is a mum of 2 beautiful girls, so understands the need for shoes! 

Ros works part-time, and does an amazing job. She is one of our senior fitters and is fully trained by the 'Society of Shoe Fitters'. She is passionate about ensuring the children who come through the door not only enjoy their experience but also leave with beautifully fitting shoes.

Ros worked as an accountant before the girls arrived, and so is great with an Excel spreadsheet!